Who makes the rules?

Men do not wear skirts; women do not wear trousers!
In Scotland, some men wear skirts
Who makes the rules?

You eat beef, I eat bats
You find mine disgusting, but yours is not
Some Indians eat not beef, neither do some South Africans, goats
My food is disgusting to them, theirs is to me
Who makes the rules?

Be married by 25
Or our family will be disgraced
You’re not responsible if you’re not married
Catholic priests are not married
Yet they are referred to as “Father”
Who makes the rules?

Get your driver’s license by 18
Everyone gets their license by 18
I am 30; I have not that license
Therefore, I’ve failed
Who makes the rules?

Don’t barber your hair this way, or that
Men don’t perm their hair
Women don’t cut their hair short
Your hairstyle befits a stereotype
Who makes the rules?

Do this, don’t do that
Else, people will say this or that about you
Else, that stereotype is you
But who makes the rules?


10 thoughts on “Who makes the rules?

    1. I know right? It’s always important to question common beliefs and practices, not as much as to demean them but to understand why they are so.


  1. One woman chooses to wear her beads on her ankle, another on her wrist, one on her waist, some on their neck, then they turn around to accuse each other as evil just because one is wearing hers differently from another, who makes the rules? That was well thought out and written, kudos Jim, keep writing 👌😘❤️👍

    Who make the rules? This reminds me of a post I wrote a while back on why we obey rules, you can see it at https://sugarkpiebaya.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/why-do-we-obey-rules/


  2. Why can’t we just … be? If what I do does not hurt another, why does it have to fit in a box so someone else can be comfortable?

    Rules are necessary for order. Someone who takes another’s life or property should face some repercussions. That action should be frowned upon. But a person’s preference for certain clothing, hairstyles or choosing a partner? That should not be policed.


    1. We definitely have a lot to learn, relearn, or unlearn. Funny enough, most at times, no one knows who made the rules. We all just follow from tradition.

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