Who makes the rules?

Men do not wear skirts; women do not wear trousers!In Scotland, some men wear skirtsWho makes the rules? You eat beef, I eat batsYou find mine disgusting, but yours is notSome Indians eat not beef, neither do some South Africans, goatsMy food is disgusting to them, theirs is to meWho makes the rules? Be married […]

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Of youth unemployment in Ghana

The issue of unemployment in Ghana really irks me. Quite recently, a German friend mentioned to me that after Angela Merkel visited Ghana this year and returned home, it was reported on one of their news stations that Ghana, apparently, has a booming economy with unemployment being a non-issue. I may have mentioned this to […]

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I feel alone

I woke up today having lukewarm feelings about how the day was going to turn out. As a Christian, I believe in the power of my thoughts, confessions, and the law of attraction. I, therefore, professed and confessed that everything would be fine and I would have a great day. But I’m not! The truth […]

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The internet – a tutorial

Why do I spend so much money on internet charges? What do I use my internet for? I have been musing on these questions for weeks now. Let me share my thoughts on the subject of the effective use of the internet and why you should be spending a considerable amount (of time and money) […]

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